Anodizing creates a hard, corrosion resitant and abrasion resistant surface, capable of being dyed vibrant colors if required.

At Aluma-Tec, we can anodize aluminum parts up to 11 feet long, up to 4 feet deep, and up to 2 feet wide. We are 9002-2000 certified and meet all Federal Military Standards. The Aluma-Tec automated racking fixture assists in quick turn-around time and helps keep job cost down.

Anodizing actually changes an aluminum surface to an aluminum oxide finish. Anodizing is environmentally safe! Aluminum naturally develops a protective oxide; however, the anodizing process makes this natural aluminum oxide thicker, much harder, and more durable. During the anodizing process, the part is immersed in an electrolyte bath with an electrical current running through it. The anodic coating is part of the metal and is porous so it may be colored or sealed.

Aluma-Tec offers Standard nickel sealing which closes the pores of the metal which renders the coating non-absorptive.

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